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Games Design Course: 3D wireframe running policewoman
If you have ever dreamed of working in the UK Video Games Industry, then the Train2Game Games Designer course may be the way in.

If you have ever dreamed of working in the UK video games industry then the Train2Game Games Designer courses may be the perfect way in. They have been designed to cover all the aspects of video games design, from idea conception to learning the tools of the trade.

Our Games Designer courses are a 100% relevant to the UK games industry today and developed and designed by the industry for the industry.

So you want to be a Games Designer? But do you know what a Games Designer is and what is required to build a career as a Games Designer?

The Games Designer is the person responsible for creating the background story, the game mechanics and the whole look and feel of the game, as well as all the game levels design, characters and setting the game difficulty.

Games Design Documentation

The designer will have to communicate their idea the way they see the game to the rest of their team to make their vision come true.

If this doesn’t sound right for you, why not look at the Train2Game Developer courses or the Train2Game Art and Animation courses, but if you think this is exactly the career you want in the UK games industry then read on…

The Games Designer course consists of 42 lessons that will take you from the basics of Games Design and Games History through to the development of your own video game based on your own ideas.

Games Design Course: User Interface Design

The courses will help you develop your own portfolio of different Games Design examples, perfect for getting the attention of the industry and your foot in the door of games studios. For the more ambitious potential Games Designers’ we have a large dedicated forum where you can find other Train2Game students with whom you can communicate with to swap ideas and collaborate talents to develop the next big blockbuster.

Key Objectives

  • To teach you current game design processes using bespoke industry relevant software applications
  • To provide a solid grounding in the world of games design so that you are ready to move into the industry and become a Games Designer
  • To assist you in the production of your project portfolio and game design projects
  • To help immerse you in the games industry network through understanding industry terminology and through Train2Games extensive industry relationships
  • To help enrich your knowledge with technical and theoretical lectures from key industry professionals
  • To introduce you to the work flow of the games development process
  • To help prepare you for working as a “team” member in large scale game production company
  • To prepare you for in-depth fun and committed study
  • Career opportunities

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Key Features

  • Train2Game are accredited by TIGA and offer TIGA awarded Design Diplomas to successful students
  • Our courses include specialist games industry, proprietary software applications
  • Our StudentWorld intranet support structure is available 24 hours a day
  • Train2Game has a unique combination of practical and theoretical teaching
  • The courses allow you to progress at your own pace
  • We use leading industry professionals as guest lecturers to make regular web presentations
  • Students do not have to give up their careers whilst learning

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