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App Development Course

for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

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This App Development course will appeal to those who want to develop a career in the computer games industry.

As well as a love of games, students of the App Development course will have the extra drive, aptitude and the ambition to go beyond just playing, they will have a desire to design, create and improve mobile games across multiple genres and platforms, and display real aspirations to become part of the mobile development industry. We are going to take you on a journey of app development. During the course students will learn skills that will unlock their potential. You will acquire knowledge that will empower you to become an independent powerhouse in the world of mobile games.

Accredited by TIGA, and supported by TIGA’s advisory board, this course is unique in the industry and represents a groundbreaking induction model that has been specifically developed to not only support game development, but app creation alongside the learning experience, thereby giving the student specific games skills but also skills that are transferable to other industries and business sectors.

It is presented in a unique format, heavily influenced by gaming technology to aid learning, retention and importantly, add fun to the whole process of gaining these important skills.

Mobile apps development

Modules within the course range from design including pitching and presenting your concept, to the development of mobile apps, explaining the technology and complex assets used.

Successful completion of this course will equip students with the knowledge and the skills that today’s mobile industry demands from its developers.

This course is taught through a series of lessons and examples, underpinned by a wide range of involving practical work.

Key Objectives

  • To teach the most up to date and industry used development tools and methodologies.
  • To provide all the experience the student requires to enter the industry at the end of the course.
  • To help the students prepare themselves to work independently and with teams to develop industry level apps.
  • To help immerse the student in the games industry network through understanding industry terminology and through Train2Game’s extensive
    industry relationships.
  • To enrich the student’s knowledge with technical and theoretical lectures from key industry figures.
  • To introduce the student to the workflow of app development.
  • To teach the student collaborative tools and methodologies to increase efficiency.
  • To prepare the student for in-depth development fun and committed study.
  • To work with the student in developing career opportunities.


When the College receives the student assessment it is double-checked by highly trained tutors in order to
maintain College standards.
The corrected work is returned to the student. It is because Train2Game’s quality standards are so rigorously
maintained that it is able to support its training with a guarantee of success.

Your Guarantee

With Train2Game’s vast industry expertise combined
with TIGA’s accreditation and exam advisory board
we are confident that you will enjoy the best possible
chance of success with your chosen course.

By fully engaging with the study material you are
assured of a new skill-set and will successfully achieve
a valuable qualification. In the event that you do not
achieve the marks required to pass you will be given
the opportunity to re-sit your exams and revisit
marked assignments at no extra cost for as long as
you continue to fully commit to the course.


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