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Dr Richard Wilson CEO at TIGA
Dr Richard Wilson: CEO TIGA
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Clive Robert CEO at DR Studios
Clive Robert CEO at DR Studios: Games development and games industry job training
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Richard Wilson

Dr Richard Wilson is CEO of TIGA, the trade association representing the UK games industry. TIGA’s vision is to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business. To this end, TIGA focuses on three sets of activities: political representation, generating media coverage and developing services that enhance the competitiveness of our members.

Richard was previously Director of Communications at the Royal Academy of Engineering (2006–2008). Prior to this, Richard was Head of Business Policy at the Institute of Directors (1998–2006), one of the UK’s leading business representative bodies.

Richard has also held a diverse range of non-executive positions: in the food and drink industry (Improve, 2004–2007); adult training (the Adult Learning Inspectorate, 2005–2007); small business (Chair of the Better Payment Practice Group, 2004–2006). He also served as a member of Edexcel’s Qualifications Committee (2006–07).

Richard taught politics at Reading University and was awarded a PhD for his thesis in political theory.

Clive Robert

In 1998, Clive Robert, after having set up Hasbro interactive in Europe, started Deep Red Games with a handful of talented and creative individuals.

Over the years, Deep Red Games grew considerably, having development offices in Asia and the UK. With this level of productivity and access to so many talented people, the company established a reputation for high quality games developed on time and to the original vision.

In 2007, after having grown significantly into several areas of development, the UK company was purchased by Clive Robert as part of a management buyout. This radical action allowed the company to re-focus its efforts on making high quality games for the growing mass and casual games market.

Through his many years of experience in games development, publishing and marketing, Clive has an intimate understanding of mass-market software development, together with a real empathy for the needs of the publishing community.

DR Studios now employs 25 staff internally with a further 12 staff working as external contractors. The company develops games for the Xbox360, Wii, DS DSi, iPhone, PC and Digital Download platforms.

In May 2008 after continuing frustration with recruitment and an ever shrinking talent pool in the UK, Clive joined forces with Metropolitan International Schools to create a revolutionary games industry learning system that would help train new talent to work within the UK games Industry.

Career summary:
2006-present DR Studios, CEO
1998 Deep Red Games, CEO,
1996 Hasbro Interactive, VP, Business Development
1993 Hasbro Corporation, Head of Development
1990 Milton Bradley and Parker Games, Development Director
1987 Kenner Parker Tonka, Design Manger

Tony Bickley

Tony has been part of the games industry since 1981 and has worked on a considerable number of major titles for some of the largest publishers in the world. He was instrumental in setting up development departments for several of these organisations and has an exceptional understanding of the market drivers, current trends and emerging opportunities within the games business. Within this role Tony utilised his thorough understanding of the processes behind games development, franchise building, product positioning, consumer research, market analysis, game portfolio management, game marketing, collateral creation and brand management.

Tony’s project involvement includes a broad cross section of games. These include Star Trek, Olympics, The World Cup, High School Dreams and Metal Gear Solid.

Career Summary:
2012 – present Freelance
2007 DR Studios, COO
2000 Konami, Head of European Development
1995 Interplay, Head of European Development
1992 US Gold, Head of European Development