Craig Moore – Industry Experience Diary no.2

October 4, 2011

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Craig Moore

Student Diary

Week 0.5

Well … that went fast!

Three days in and it still feels like a bit of dream. Settling in has been exciting, this is the first new job I have had in over five years and I feel like I was more worried about the way I work clashing with the studios more than anything else. Thankfully I don’t think there has been an issue and getting to come in and sit down and work on something until you physically cannot work on it any further is fun and a great learning experience!

Obviously being my first few days I have been QA boy, it’s been incredibly therapeutic and working with a really approachable team makes my input feel very valid. Thinking about it, if I was to visualise the process of QA I would liken it to an epic boss fight in some extravagant Square-enix title. You find a weakness and keep bashing at it until there is nothing left to bash, when you are satisfied you move on to the next bit and continue to bash away until nothing is left. It’s an interesting and surprisingly fulfilling role and I think the QA students have a lot to look forward too when they start landing their roles. With the variation in game titles and companies making games, QA will certainly evolve in to an even more fulfilling role than it already is, I mean …. Who gets to test Kinect games? I can’t imagine that being anything but a great experience (and a healthy one).

But seeing as I have been here under three days (it’s Friday afternoon) I don’t have a great deal to put down, but this seems to flow quite easily so fingers crossed I will have some more exciting and fun filled lines of Times New Roman for people to read next week!

P.S. I haven’t had to answer phones all week … I could cry with glee!

- Craig

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