Jonny Robinson – Industry Experience Diary no.3

August 1, 2011

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Welcome back and this week has been a busy one.

I have been working a longside Carla in the PR/Marketing side of the game industry; which is for the Develop Expo down in Brighton. I know what you are thinking “Jonny you’re supposed to be a designer not marketeer.” Well I’ve got news for you, being a designer, you need to able to adapt to work alongside anyone in the game industry and working alongside Marketing & Sales giving games support has traditionally been part of a Designers job.

I’ve been in charge of making the Train2Game Develop Expo teaser trailer. Luckily I’m very familiar with Premiere Pro and After Effects so I feel confident I can make DR Studios and Train2Game proud… Okay I take it back, if you didn’t know Tony Bickley (COO of Dr Studios) is an enthusiastic and passionate video editor, when I found this out I started to sweat a little because I know this man is going to nit-pick everything I do, which he did.

Okay it’s Friday and my second day on the video editing job, I’ve managed to find and create all the scenes I want in After Effects. Thanks to Tony I’ve upped my game in video editing and learnt some new styles.

Okay that’s all I can talk about this week, find out on Monday If I manage to complete the editing conundrum.

As a famous machine said “I’ll be back.”

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