William Alexander – Industry Experience Diary No.2

June 23, 2011

Industry Experience Diary

13-17 June 2011

Hi all

This week I had so much planned to do: concepts for assets, mock ups, place holder textures and more so we can give an idea of how we want the new game we are pitching to look and feel, but then last Wednesday my toe started to hurt a little. Then on Thursday it really started to hurt a lot and by Friday it was swollen so I went to the doctors who gave me a shot of something serious and some antibiotics.

Over the weekend the situation gradually got worse and on Sunday on the train back to work a guy on the train decides that he is going to stand on my foot (thanks random guy). Without going into detail this exploded part of my toe so which meant that the healing process has taken even longer.

After days of playing on games, taking tablets and eating snack food I finally decided that I wasn’t going to wait for it to totally heal like my doctor recommended and I have come into work which I have missed so much. This is definitely the first job I’ve ever missed but finally the waiting is over and I’m back in the studio so roll on the week of work and hopefully next week I will have something more interesting for you guys to read.

This weeks pearl of wisdom is definitely this “When travelling on public transport no one is your friend!” See you all next time.

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