William Alexander – Industry Experience Diary No.1

June 14, 2011

Industry Experience Diary

w/c 6th June 2011

In the last two weeks I have been working on a project that’s being totally done by the students and it’s been a very interesting journey of learning. First off we had a solid plan sorted out and began to develop the feel of the game, not so much the look but how it handled.

Whilst the developer was working on that, I started on our characters. I altered UV layouts to suit my textures better and altered the existing models to give it a new appearance. After that I worked out what base colours I wanted to use with a complimentary colour wheel which was a very useful tool to me throughout the project.

The texturing took most of my time because I had to make all the textures I did to a game ready quality but I also managed to get some place holder assets into the prototype of the game we were doing with some very basic textures.

In the next few weeks we are aiming to start another new project carrying over some of the mechanics from the last one.

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