Darren Price – Industry Experience Diary no.3

June 29, 2011

Train2Game Industry Experience

Well another week has gone flying by, last week was a good week nothing too major went wrong coding wise, I managed to get a 3D model to display properly on the screen load a 2D texture onto the screen too and make a form of basic collision between the two. I feel I am slowly getting the hang of the DR Studios Engine.

On Wednesday we had our first scrum meeting to come up with ideas and features we would like to implement into our game which would make up our product backlog. Half way through the meeting we realised there was a bit of a creative vision difference. Where me and a couple of others saw the game working one way and others seeing it work in another.

So we stopped coming up with ideas for it and started to rethink how the base game mechanic was going to work. Now we all have the same kind of creative thinking behind it. We also changed the way the game was going to look visually we were going to have a 3d model character and 2d textures within the game but it was pretty much felt that the game would look and feel better with it all in 3d.

But as someone said “It is better to get these important decisions sorted now instead of us all going ahead thinking of things in different ways. Than to realise them weeks or even months down the line.” After the scrum meeting we had our sprint meeting, which is where we come up with our priority list and hand out the tasks based on the length and priority of the tasks on the product backlog list. I only have two to do till the end of next week but they are quite important to the overall game.

So that has given you a overview of the kind of things I had done last week.

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