Darren Price – Industry Experience Diary No.2

June 23, 2011

Industry Experience Diary

Student Diary 3 – W/E 17/06/11

This week we have mainly been coming up with new game ideas. There were three ideas pitched, each one had its good points and flaws, so we decided to take the good points from each pitch and try to come up with a new game that compliments all the strengths in the three ideas we had.

So a couple of meetings later we had our game theme and mechanic, and for the rest of the week we were thinking up our product backlog for the game, this is basically where we think of what features we would like added into the game in a perfect world.

Monday we are going to have a scrum meeting to talk through each feature idea and how we think it will improve the game and then out of everything we have, each has a priority number allocated to it. After that we then have a sprint meeting to decide what features we are going to work on this week.

During this last week whilst coming up with feature ideas I have been working on the base game mechanic. The first couple of days things were going slow, this was mainly due to me not checking I had everything in the project set up properly. The directory I was running the game from was the wrong directory so as I was adding assets to it and they were not being found, so anything I was doing trying to do and fix the assets not loading, wasn’t doing a single thing. Eventually I figured out what was wrong then there was life in the game.

Darren Price

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