Darren Price – Industry Experience Diary No.1

June 14, 2011

Industry Experience Diary

Week 4 at DR Studios W/c 6th June

At the beginning of this last week we pitched three ideas to Tony and the team here. After we decided which project would be best for us to do, we had a scrum meeting to discuss what was required to get a basic prototype working. We went through how it would be controlled and what the overall objective of the game was and the other game mechanics required to make it work.
After this we split the tasks down into departmental tasks and these formed our first sprint tasks which we had just over a week to do.

As a developer I was tasked to program the controls, some basic physics for the character to follow, and add any assets that got made up for it.

The game controls were fairly simple and just as simple to implement. Although the camera (the object that tells the screen what to render) was not listening to me. I have never programmed a 3d camera before and found it quite challenging as when I changed just one variable it would not do what I expected it to do. Only after having Rory and Jan sit with me for about 45 minutes did I actually start to understand why the changes I was making was not having the desired effect.

The basic physics for the character didn’t seem as hard as I thought it would be as most of what I needed, I was able to use some of the code from another game that has been developed here.

There were a few assets that needed adding, I had to use the DR Studios model editor to texture the models before I could write them in to the game.

At the end of the week, we reviewed the game with Tony and Clive and it was decided to scrap the theme, but the mechanics behind it were good so it was put on the back burner for now.

Next week we will be starting the whole process again until we find something that works. More on that next time.

Darren Price

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