Chris Robinson – Industry Experience Diary No.3

June 23, 2011

Industry Experience Diary

My third & last student diary.

Wow, has the time gone fast! And what an experience it has been, which makes it all the more sad to be writing my experiences down for the last time.

During my placement as a junior designer has been hard work, challenging, demanding – exactly what I wanted it to be; thrown in at the deep end and if I managed to crawl my way back up to the surface – I knew I’d done the best during my time here. I hope I’ve impressed everyone at DR with my work ethic and creativity. I hope I’ve impressed enough so that I’ve earned the opportunity to get my foot in the door to the games industry.

The experience I’ve gained from my placement has been huge, I’ve learnt so much from the staff, especially Mete – so a personal thank you to him for everything. I can easily say I’ve made some great friends from this, and I will definitely keep in touch.

The experience and knowledge I’ve gained will help me dramatically with how I approach my coursework and the advantage I have when I start looking for either a QA or design role in the industry. I would very much prefer to get a junior design position, but if I have to start as a tester to get where I want to be then I have no issues with that at all!

I could have easily worked here for another two months, heck I’d work here full time if Tony (COO) offered me a job, but – it isn’t that easy.

Tony has taught me a great deal regarding project management, this has helped me gain a very useful skill. Project management is very important, and the way I’ve been taught using SCRUM development is one of the most easy, understood, organised ways to manage a project – so, a personal thank you from me Tony.

Learning RC software has been very useful; it’s urged me to download a free version of an RC and use it for the team I’m in when I return home. A great way to organise projects, keep track of files, assets and code.

Mete (lead designer) has taught me some great design tips and how to write design docs I previously had no experience with – for example asset lists, which is basically everything that needs to be in the game from particle effects, to fully textured entities. Level Design has been awesome, I’ve managed to build 12 levels while here at DR, and I have screenshots of them to put in my portfolio website, so that will help dramatically. It shows my skills and creativity, so thank you again Tony for granting me permission to do so.

I’ve also learnt a great deal from Jason (lead artist), he helped me with certain issues regarding image sizes for my pitch doc and gave me helpful feedback with my design drawing concepts & design layouts, so another thank you to Jason, cheers bud!

Lastly but not least a final thank you to Clive (CEO) for allowing me to attend my placement, I’ve thanked him twice personally but another thank you in writing won’t hurt.

It’s been a fantastic experience; I have a much greater understanding of the design process during development, which to me – is my most rewarding achievement.

[Design mode on]
“As I wave goodbye I ride towards the sunset over the great plains of Texas, not to my knowledge a fleet of evil asteroid mutants ships burst into the atmosphere and I find myself caught off guard. My waving hand transforms into generic plasma cannon, and I use all my skills earned from DR Studios to defeat those invading vermin!”
[Design mode off]

That just about raps it up,

I wish DR studios all the best and good luck to all the remaining placement students that attend at DR this year.

Chris Robinson

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