Chris Robinson Industry Experience Diary No. 2

June 14, 2011

Industry Experience Diary

Chris Robinson, Design Student, 31st of May 2011

Time on my placement is going very fast: this has urged me to tell my ‘fellow placement students’ – to use every minute of everyday while on your placement – soaking up every bit of knowledge from the pros and use this valuable time to work hard, show your creativity, determination, passion & drive.

As my dad always says: E=R ‘Effort equals Reward’ and if you follow this, you will become noticed and acknowledged as someone who wants to break into the industry…You will show you can be an asset to the team; highlights your work ethnic quality to the staff & management at DR.

I hope with the work I’ve produced, the effort & determination I’ve shown will make me become noticed as a potential employee to a studio.

I’ve learnt a huge amount these past two weeks; more so than the two weeks before. I think its due to been fully relaxed and synced into the job role.

Understanding more about the production of development i.e. SCRUM development: creating product bag logs and weekly sprints are very important during development & should be taken very seriously for every placement student that attend.

I never thought I’d say this – but I really have enjoyed the management side of development, it’s a great skill to learn and obtain. When I apply for a junior position — I can show that I understand project management, I’ve decided to create my own backlogs and sprint examples for my portfolio to prove to potential employers that I have experience in SCRUM development.

These past two weeks I’ve managed to produce 6 new levels for Bug Wings. It’s been great to use my own ideas, and actually see these ideas been used and incorporated into a live development. That’s the main fantastic key point while attending a placement; working on live titles, a rare and extremely valuable & beneficial for all students and I’m very grateful for DR giving me the opportunity to work with them.

I’ve been tasked as a project champion for the current project; which is basically overseeing the development, as well as providing the design input. I also have to arrange the meetings and keep the production up to date. It’s quite a big responsibility — but very pleased that Tony believes I’m good enough to take on such a role, accompanied with my appreciation of the valuable experience I will gain from it.

That about raps it up for these past two weeks, I’m still learning a huge amount; I still strongly believe a junior design role is my ideal job for now or in the future & will be sad when I have to leave on the 22nd of May

Until then – stay tuned for my final Student Diary!

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